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The calçots season runs from December to April and is one of the outstanding gastronomic attractions of the zone. The "calçotada" is a traditional celebration that combines fine food with the great fun of eating calçots (young onions) that are grilled in the open and eaten with sauce. Moreover, the wines and cavas of the Conca de Barberà DO region provide excellent accompaniment for such fare, and are gradually achieving richly deserved national and international recognition thanks to their outstanding quality.


Other typical local food and drink products:

- Carquinyolis (almond biscuits) from l'Espluga de Francolí

- Montblanquins and Merlets from Montblanc

- Chestnuts from Vilanova de Prades.

- The local homemade sausages and cold meats (llonganisses, botifarra blanca, botifarra negra, etc) are all considered excellent

- Cakes and pastries such as the different types of coca , both sweet and savoury 

- Honey from Blancafort

- Cheese from Albió

- Saffron from Rocafort de Queralt



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