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Cava and wine making has been an important activity in La Conca de Barberà for centuries, and the local wineries are a rich source of culture, well worth a visit.

These wineries are generally housed in architecturally interesting buildings. Most of them, such as that in Pira, were built in the early-20th century in accordance with the architectural style known as "agricultural modernism", a rural Art Nouveau one of whose most outstanding exponents was Cesar Martinell, an architect from Valls.

These wineries are, moreover, strongly-rooted in the land. The wine making process combines tradition and sentiment, and visitors are given the chance to take away with them intense feeling in a bottle.

Don't miss the chance to try the rich range of Conca de Barberà DO cavas and wines. Indeed, the Conca de Barberà "rosat trepat" rosé is one of the finest wines produced in Catalonia.


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